Muskoka Chairs


Sometimes when you are out and about you stumble upon a little bit of beauty. These Muskoka chairs just screamed out to me to come and sit. I was busy working at the time, however, I took that few seconds out to take a shot. I took it so that I could look back and remember that sometimes, you just need to sit and enjoy the beauty around you.

These Muskoka Chairs were captured in Collingwood, Ontario, two days later the entire area was blanketed in snow. Covering the already late in season Fall colours with a beautiful blanket of white.

Life at the Farmhouse

As you can imagine, life gets pretty busy when you move your family from suburbia to the country. I had all sorts of crazy ideas in my head that I would blog our way through the renovations of a 130 year old farmhouse and move and yet.. here we are, 7 months later (almost to the day) and I haven’t said a word, let me try my best to lay it out there for you.

We got our keys to the farmhouse on the beautiful first day of Spring, we went straight to work. The kids and I ripped out carpets that had to go and Hubby got working on a few electrical and plumbing things that needed to be done before we could rip out the kitchen and bathroom.  Our first night ended in exhaustion but the carpets were gone and we were ready for demolition.


Our Saturday started off with a team of three guys doing some great demo on the kitchen and bathroom. It was tough as both were installed as though they would last a lifetime. And although the kitchen and bathroom served the previous owners well with their five (or six) children we couldn’t imagine working in the space that they had used. The kids and I continued our carpet ripping and then got started on painting the flooring underneath. We wanted to seal in any odors or whatever may have been in the plywood from the previous owners before we got to work on installing our own floors. Our work continued into the Sunday, getting as much done as possible before the teams arrived.


Monday morning dawned bringing us a chilly -25C, the flooring was delivered and the painting team were on site. Things got moving pretty fast, which was good because we were under a deadline of two weeks until we moved out of our old house and into our new house.


Over the next week, we painted and the upstairs carpet was installed and we decided to go with move in day #1. We moved everything from our upstairs bedrooms and downstairs tv rooom into their new home.


Our second week at the farmhouse saw the installation of the hardwood flooring, painting of the downstairs studio and living room, laundry and coat room. As the flooring guys were rolling out we were rolling in with the remainder of our belongings.


I am not going to lie, moving at 44 is a lot different than moving at 33. Every single box is heavier and each stair is harder to climb. I swore I would never move myself again, but silly me listened to Hubby when he said it would be easy. Well, it wasn’t. With both of us exhausted from the farmhouse renos and final packing of the old house, it was a sheer miracle (and a little help from Mom, Dad and Sarah J) that we were able to get it done. Thankfully the truck rental company called and told us to keep the truck overnight as our last load was left in the truck while we collapsed from exhaustion for a few hours of sleep.

As our first dawn at the farmhouse rose over the back fields, we knew in our hearts we were home.

The Farmhouse

We as a family have been craving wide open spaces. We also love being city folk, but honestly the way that suburbia has become so crowded lately we were drawn to the open. Hubby has lived in our suburban neighbourhood for his entire life, his parents moved there in the 60’s and were the 3rd people to live there. As time has gone on our little corner of the world has grown to close to 100,000 people. And we are feeling the pinch. Sadly we will still have to shop there, but for the rest of our day to day living we will get to enjoy this.

And if you look very closely you can see the horses from the stables next door.
The Farmhouse
We are taking on a project that could indeed be bigger than we ever imagined, but only in such a great way. We have decided to move from a 10 year old house, in which we just celebrated our tenth year two weeks ago, to a 130 year old farmhouse. We do not own any of the farm land and are not going to become farmers, despite what many have asked. We will be surrounded by corn fields, with horses, sheep, llama, chickens, trees and a dairy as our neighbours. We have already met some of the wonderful people in the neighbourhood and we are looking forward to meeting the rest very soon. It also seems very fitting to me since I come from a farming background on my paternal grandfather’s side and am always reminding you to #thankafarmer when you enjoy your food.
The Farmhouse
There are a couple of out buildings, old barn/shacks and 2 acres to call our backyard. And the most exciting part is that it is just a wee 10 minutes from our current home.
The Farmhouse
There is also a view to die for right out our back door. We look forward to watching this view take shape over the seasons and to watch the corn grow.
The Farmhouse
Most of all we are thankful that we have this opportunity to try and do something different, something hubby has dreamed of for years. BeachMama has her beachhouse and now Hubby has his farmhouse.  I look forward to sharing the changes and growth that will come with owning a Century home.  It will be very exciting, nerve wracking, stressful and wonderful all at the same time. The kids are super excited and have already picked out their room colours and decor (not much is changing, but if they want to think so, we shall let them). And most importantly, I should say, we are going to be learning how to live with less. We do not have the closet storage or basement storage that we have in our current home. We have purged, purged and are purging some more. We have donated, gifted and will be moving more out than in and I for one can say it has been freeing! I may be the biggest culprit in keeping the unnecessary, but it is all finding a new home and for that I am thankful. Now… off to pack a few more boxes…