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Our list of 100 things to be prepared for the holidays

I know it may seem early to some, but with the early arrival of snow at our place and the excitement of the holidays approaching, I thought I would make a list of all the things I like to do to prepare for a fun and less stressed holiday season.


100 Ways to Prepare for Christmas
Six to Eight Weeks Before:
1. Make a list of people you would like to have gifts for.
2. Pick a gift theme.
3. Plan out any gifts that need to be made by hand ahead of time.
4. Design your holiday card.
5. Get your holiday cards printed.
6. Check your addresses for holiday card mailings.
7. Prepare your envelopes for mailing.
8. Start collecting items for stocking stuffers.
9. Sort your decorations, replace any hangers or bulbs prior to they day they are needed to
10. Plan any holiday parties you will be hosting.
11. Book your hair appointment with your favorite stylist for upcoming holiday parties before
the rush.
12. Set up your Advent Calendar.
13. Donate any old toys, clothing, items to charity.
14. Start pulling out decorations to add to your home decor.
15. Deep clean your home in preparation for winter.
16. Book your dog sitter or kennel if you will be traveling over the holidays.
17. Gather holiday movies.
18. Make a holiday playlist for everyone to enjoy.
19. Get your chimney professionally cleaned and ready for the winter.
20. Make Christmas Pudding.
21. Buy stamps for Christmas Card mailing.
22. Take stock of your pantry.
23. Replenish any pantry items you will be needing.
24. Put your snow tires on your car, get it winter ready.
Four Weeks Before:
25. Visit a Christmas Tree farm near you to support local farmers.
26. Book your live tree if you are renting one.
27. Do any meal prep that can be done ahead of time and put in freezer.
28. Start your cookie baking and freeze cookies.
29. Order any gifts that need to be delivered to avoid the rush.
30. Grab a turkey when they go on sale after Thanksgiving and freeze for Christmas.
31. Write a letter to Santa.
32. Mail your letter to Santa.
33. Make some hostess gifts to bring to holiday parties.
34. Light a fire to enjoy while decorating.
35. Design your holiday table centerpiece.
36. Write your annual holiday newsletter.
37. Mail your cards on December 1st
38. Purchase your favorite wines and spirits ahead of time.
39. Each week add a few items to your grocery list to add to your pantry for Christmas.
40. Plan a holiday brunch for the day after Christmas.
41. Invite friends for a cookie swap.
42. Put up Christmas Lights
43. Put the Advent Calendar out.
44. Decorate outside of your home.
45. Put up your tree and have a trimming night.
46. Decorate inside your home.
47. Get the family new matching holiday PJ’s.
48. Call the local food bank to see what is needed for holiday hampers, pick up a few things on
your next grocery visit.
49. Pick an Angel and deliver a few unexpected gifts for this child or adult.
50. Plan a day to help at the local soup kitchen, make it a team effort.
51. Make a homemade gingerbread house and freeze until closer to Christmas.
52. Prepare any gifts for teachers, bus drivers, dog walkers.
53. Mail any packages that need to travel far.
54. Make sure you have enough wood for the winter for the fireplace or a bonfire.
55. Decorate your stairwell.
56. Gather branches to make a Christmas Wreath for your door.
Two Weeks Before:
57. Do a ten minute tidy and clean every day to keep your home visitor ready.
58. Plan an impromptu night of caroling.
59. Prepare thank you basket on your porch for delivery drivers dropping off parcels (think,
water, sodas, snacks…)
60. Defrost your gingerbread house.
61. Decorate your gingerbread house with your favorite candies.
62. Sort out gifts that you have made or purchased and see if anything is missing.
63. Wrap gifts that are ready.
64. Clean the guest room.
65. Prepare any linens for guests coming to visit.
66. Plan your menu for the week leading up to Christmas.
67. Deep clean the kitchen.
68. Make salt ornaments with your kids.
69. Trim the tree with cranberry and popcorn garland.
70. Host a baking night for the fresh baking that needs to be done.
71. Hang your stockings.
The Week Before:
72. Go for a drive and admire the holiday lights.
73. Go for a walk in town to see the decorations.
74. Go Ice Skating.
75. Take the toboggan’s out for a ride (weather permitting).
76. Pick up any last minute items that need to be fresh from the grocery store.
77. Figure out if any gifts are missing and be sure to finish them up.
78. Finish any wrapping of gifts.
79. Make the hard sauce for the Christmas Pudding.
80. Host a bonfire night.
81. Have a “Random Act of Kindness Day” ~ make sure you aren’t stressed or busy that day,
carry around gift cards for coffee (or something fun) hand them out to people who look like
they could use a smile.
82. Decorate the table with your centerpiece.
83. Make Tourtière for Christmas Eve (freeze).
84. Make Christmas Punch.
The Day Before:
85. Do one last tidy through the house.
86. Turn the NORAD Santa Tracker on to watch where he is visiting.
87. Wrap any last minute gifts.
88. Cook ahead any of the dishes that can easily be reheated (potatoes, squash, stuffing).
89. Make homemade egg nog.
90. Stuff the stockings.
91. Enjoy Tortière for dinner.
92. Go for a walk with the family.
93. Watch “It’s a Wonderful Life”, “White Christmas” or another favorite holiday movie
94. Prepare a breakfast Strata for the morning.
95. Set the table.
96. Set your coffee maker to brew first thing.
97. Prepare a plate of cookies for Santa.
98. Read the ‘Night Before Christmas’ together before bedtime.
99. Go to midnight services on Christmas Eve.
100.Go to sleep knowing you are fully prepared to enjoy!

Merry Christmas!

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