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After struggling for way too long to lose the last ten pounds after Apple was born, I am happy to announce…

They are gone.

They have been gone for a few days now but I really didn’t want to believe it until today.  Today I am wearing pants I haven’t worn in five years and I unearthed a box of my favorite summer clothes.  In it I was able to dig out five skirts, four pairs of pants and three shorts.  All of which haven’t seen a summers day in five years, minimum.

As overjoyed as I am I am not stopping here.  I still have another box of cute summer dresses that require at least five more pounds, if not seven to be gone from this body and I am determined to bring them on our summer holidays this year so I will keep on doing what I am doing in the hopes that I will get to unearth those other favorites. It hasn’t been easy for sure, but I am confident that I can keep on going. I will let you know when I get there.

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I promise that this will be my last tired, late night Workout Wednesday post.  My Sister and her kids are leaving tomorrow and I think life will be back to normal chez BeachMama.  As much fun as it is to have them here, it is always intense.  The kids play and play and play knowing they have limited time, we all stay up late and are exhausted.  They should just move back already so we can spread out the Love.

Alas, this week was a little weak on the workout front.  I did a lot of walking.  I had to the weather was just too gorgeous.  Three 3km walks to the grocery store for food.  And one strength training workout.  We also did a walking tour of  the  Market  in Downtown Ottawa, which totally counts as a workout when there are six kids and three adults.

On the good front, I have maintained the muscle that I had started gaining and have lost an inch around my waist and a half inch off of each thigh.  I forgot to measure my arms, but they feel less jiggly, so I am pretty sure they are doing well.  In addition I am happy to report that I am back into my Spring clothes from pre-Apple.  Now, if only I can get into my pre-J Summer clothes in another month I will be so ecstatic.

Keep up the workouts everyone, and get walking!  The weather is so great, I have to break out the sunscreen tomorrow as we are all sporting glowing red cheeks.  And don’t tell my dermatologist, but it feels GREAT!

Back to the regular workouts for me, I really want to fit a few cute sundresses that I used to wear.

**disclaimer: I am in no way a Doctor or Physical Trainer. I am going to share with you my thoughts and ideas about how to get into shape again. I strongly advise consulting a medical professional prior to starting any workout routine as well as a professional trainer. I am in no way responsible for any injury you may sustain from trying any of my suggestions.

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Phew!  I had a hard time getting into my server tonight and almost had to post Workout Wednesday on Thursday!

This has been a terrible week for me workout wise, but I will post it anyway.

I had my usual two walks to school each day.  I run (can I admit that it was a very short 1.5k) and a swim.

And it is this swim that reminded me that swimming is such an awesome form of exercise.  I will give you a single exercise next week when I am able to get back into my gym.  Although I take J to swimming lessons every week, I truly forget how great it is to get into the pool and stretch, work your legs and arms and overall just get exercise without feeling it.

Today, after all the sickies we had in the house, I packed up J and my niece and nephew and headed to the pool.  Not only is it still pretty inexpensive to go for a swim (I think my coffee costs more at the drive thru) but everyone was exhausted afterwards.  All three kids were asleep and snoring by 7:15pm and I am not far behind.

Now, if only I can figure out how to make our round above ground pool into a long lane pool this summer.  I kid, of course.

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