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Wow that was a long break!

Completely not intended, but somehow life just got in the way. What exactly have I been up to since mid-November?

I had quite a few Fall Sessions to finish up and get ready for my clients, this took up a lot of my time. I had a hard time finding time for myself last Fall, something I am hoping to correct in 2012, making sure there is time for me.

Then we headed south to Maryland and Delaware for Thanksgiving and a Birthday. We took some extra time at our favorite beach after Thanksgiving. Hubby and the kids had never been to the Beach in the off-season, so we spent three rather warm days strolling around one of our favorite places. As hard as it is to leave in the summertime, it was equally hard to leave in the Fall. There is something to be said for lots of parking spaces, lots of room on the boardwalk and beach and just being able to be. Of course we aren’t millionaires yet so we had to come home so Hubby and I could get back to work.

While we were there, the kids had their visit with Santa and we got in a wee bit of holiday shopping. All in all a perfect Fall getaway.

ThanksgivingBeach-6.jpg ThanksgivingBeach-16.jpg ThanksgivingBeach-15.jpg

ThanksgivingBeach-43.jpg ThanksgivingBeach-38.jpg

December rolled in and work was busy, the kids were busy and the holidays were upon us.  Our household fell ill with a stomach virus the week before Christmas and it really wasn’t pleasant at all.  By Christmas day Hubby and I were able to eat solid food again, so although we enjoyed Christmas, we would have enjoyed it more without the getting sick the week before thing.  And I should add how amazing kids are, they both seemed to bounce right back within 24 hours or so whereas Hubby and I took quite a bit longer.

AnnaEpp.com_January-4.jpg AnnaEpp.com_January-5.jpg AnnaEpp.com_January-6.jpg

January started off very quickly with a fabulous trip to California! Where I got to visit and photograph the amazing Brenda Ponnay aka. Secret Agent Josephine. We had beautiful weather, fresh citrus fruit and a wonderful, if fast visit. I saw more of California in the four and a half days I was gone from Ottawa than I have on any of my previous visits. Brenda took me to the desert (she calls it the Sticks), Palm Springs, Idllwyld (a very scary drive up a mountain) Orange County (Newport Beach and Laguna Beach).  If I could always photograph people in the gorgeous California sunshine I would be the happiest photographer in the world. We had fresh lemonade, homemade mexican food, sangria and a trip to the beach, some of my most favorite things all in one fast trip.  I slept all the way home on the airplane.
AnnaEpp.com_January-7.jpg AnnaEpp.com_January-8.jpg AnnaEpp.com_January-9.jpg

AnnaEpp.com_January-10.jpg AnnaEpp.com_January-11.jpg AnnaEpp.com_January-10.jpg

Not that I didn’t love being home, but I was only home for two and a half days when I was already back at the airport heading South again. Whew! I am exhausted just thinking about it. I attended Imaging USA a photography conference that was held in New Orleans this year.  I hate to admit it out loud, but New Orleans scared me just a little bit. I was thankful to meet up with another photographer traveling on her own from Rhode Island, Jen Osojnicki and together we took on New Orleans. Well, as much as two women a little nervous about being out after dark could take on New Orleans. We walked the French Quarter and the Garden District as well as experienced Bourbon Street and walking around with a 150 proof rum Daiquiri (that was me, not Jen as Jen doesn’t drink. There was enough alcohol in that drink for both of us so I took one for the team). I had a pretty amazing time and learned lots of new stuff at the conference.
AnnaEpp.com_January-12.jpg AnnaEpp.com_January-13.jpg AnnaEpp.com_January-14.jpg AnnaEpp.com_January-15.jpg

Although I am happy to be home, I know that in just 35 days I will continue 2012, my year of travel to new places as I attend the Blissdom Conference 2012 in Nashville, Tennessee.  I will give you more details about that exciting experience in another post.

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  • SAJ January 20, 2012, 12:59 am

    Come back!!!

  • Tania January 21, 2012, 12:10 am

    Lovely photographs – I look forward to attending your photo lectures at Blissdom :)

  • Chantal January 24, 2012, 3:09 pm

    Wow that is crazy busy. But a good fun busy. Can’t wait to hear about Blissdom USA and maybe a compare post to the Canadian one…

  • snackmommy January 25, 2012, 10:09 am

    Welcome Back!

    You were missed!In looking through your photos on Flickr I was amazed at how J has stretched out and how Apple seems to be less red and more blonde…maybe she was just a beach blonde, lol!

    You may have been nervous in NO, but it didn’t show in the photos. The one of the black iron wrought veranda is particularly stunning.