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Since Apple is a huge fan of Cream of Mushroom soup it would seem that was all we were eating for lunch for a very long time. The last few weeks, however, I have been cutting back on carbs and trying to introduce new fun things for lunch and dinner.  Last week I made two meals that I have never made before, Chili and Pad Thai Chicken.  The Chili was a huge hit and Hubby liked the Pad Thai, but I could have done without.

This week I have now introduced another two things, one is Steel Cut Oatmeal for breakfast. Some of the ladies on Twitter were talking about making it in their crock pot last week, so I set it up last night and the Oatmeal was ready when I woke up this morning. A little stuck to the bottom of the pot but I think either I needed a tad bit more water or I needed to stay up an hour later. Either way it was a delicious way to start the morning.

Today, I decided that Apple and I were not going to have Cream of Mushroom soup but Avacado sandwiches made with fresh mulit-grain bread from the bakery.  Apple wanted hers in a bowl instead of as a sandwich so I thought I would join her too.  I am happy that she loves Avacado so much as it is really so good for you.

Now for the rest of the week.  Meal planning continues, last night was fettucini with home made meat sauce and garlic toast.

Tonight is swimming, so it is usually light fare: Pork Tenderloin with rice

Wednesday: Irish Stew

Thursday: Mandarin Chicken

Friday: Homemade Pizza

And hopefully, I will get to add a few more fun things in there for lunch as well.

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In the effort to shake things up here chez BeachMama, I have started increasing the fresh fruit we serve. I find quite often, I buy the fruit and nobody eats it. Today when I was at Ikea I saw these pretty blue dishes and I could just see the fruit sitting in them begging to be photographed then eaten.


No sooner did I have the fruit in the dishes that the kids were asking me for them. Apparently it appeals to children to have fruit in a pretty bowl as well. They have each polished off a bowl of grapes and are now working on the strawberries.

Strawberries! Here’s hoping that we can continue this much healthier snack trend. Next attempt, veggies!
Any tips or suggestions on how you get your kids to eat fruits and vegetables would be much appreciated.

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A Random Act of Cupcakes

I was hit!

I have known Cupcake Cowgrrl for a few years now, we have met on occasion but mostly we have connected through blogging. Through our love of being crafty, baking and photography.  I have to say that Cupcake Cowgrrl surpasses me on all levels, but if we had met when I had no kids and lots of free time, I would like to think that we would have been fast friends.  Hanging out at a pub, enjoying a beer and talking about our next crafty project.

I have watched Cupcake Cowgrrl bake for a few years now, admired all the cupcakes she has displayed on her blog and even tried a few icing recipes. But, I had never tasted one of her cupcakes, just admired from afar and hoped that one day I would get the chance to taste one.

Then on Monday Cupcake Cowgrrl was tweeting about having the fixings for some lavender infused blackberry cupcakes.   Or something to that effect.  I told her she was free to drop some off for me, totally joking of course.  Well she decided that I should be hit with her Random Act of Cupcakes and delivered a sweet box of deliciousness right to my door.

The Random Act of Cupcakes started at the beginning of the summer, I think and she has been spreading her love of cupcakes and baking around for others to enjoy. I was so thankful to be a recipient.  Believe me when I say, they are so much tastier than they look.  These are just photos, but honestly they are like little bites of Heaven and I am so thankful that I was hit

Thank you Cupcake Cowgrrl!

Random Act of Cupcakes

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