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Ladies Night Out with Ford

My relationship with Ford truly started 25 years ago when my Dad brought home a 1978 Ford LTD II. It was, to put it mildly, a boat. And when you just get your license the last thing you want to do is steer a giant boat into the parking lot at school, but for the sake of laziness I did it. I could also pack it full with friends and head to the local burger joint for lunch. It had a great stereo and the back seat was huge! Not that I am implying anything, but when you are 5’10” you need the leg room. It also took a lot of gas, and even back when gas was $0.40/L it was expensive.  As we said good-bye to the old LTD, I hadn’t really driven a Ford since.

Last summer, while at BlogHer ’11 in San Diego, there was a lot of talk about Ford. Ford seemed to be making a comeback and I was interested to hear about it. When I was asked if I would like to test drive the new Ford Explorer last Fall on our road trip to She’s Connected in Toronto, I said, ‘sure’. We were originally five women heading to Toronto, but with the extra seat in the Explorer we were able to bring our total up to six. Six women with luggage and goodies, packed into the Explorer and I am pleased to say, it was very roomy! We managed to fit everyone in with a bit of room to spare. The seats were comfortable that the ride was smooth. I found a lot of the new safety features like the back-up camera with voice assistance and the blind spot lights very helpful. I am an avid believer and supporter of shoulder checks and safety, but driving a different vehicle out on the highway always leaves room for adjustment. The added features helped assure me that I was in the clear. One thing that I cannot abide by is a car that has no passing power. I need to know that when I am passing an 18 wheeler, in the left lane that I have the guts in the car to get past without taking half an hour, nothing turns me off of a car more than no guts. The Explorer passed in that regard with flying colours. I knew when I was passing that I would get past without worry. Nothing I hate more than sitting beside a huge truck.

Our Explorer in the rain last Fall

When I was invited to a Ladies Night out with Ford Ottawa at the Ottawa Auto Show, I was excited to hear what new fun things they had in store. I was told we would get to see the All-New Ford Focus Electric, so I was excited to attend.  We were a room full of Bloggers, and Social Media personalities. We all love our cars and there was just the right mix of questions to keep Ford’s resident expert Steve Ross on his toes. He did a wonderful job telling us how Ford was doing in making changes to the way we drive, something I might have to consider in the future. Ford is now offering gasoline only vehicles, Hybrid vehicles and fully Electric Vehicles. A commitment to the future they are proud to withhold. In hearing about the new Ford Focus Electric, I have to admit that it will be a long time before I personally could commit to one. I drive way too much and at unplanned intervals, so I couldn’t be reliant solely on electric with a 160km range. However, Hubby could certainly make the switch for commuting to and from work. When the time comes to switch up his car, it is something we may consider for sure.  In the meantime, I would gladly drive one of the amazing Hybrids, like the Explorer Hybrid, which would give me the big car that I love and the added bonus of a better on the environment and gas usage.

@SteveRoss – Ford Canada, @CapitalMom @MissFish @Ammar_Ammar, @JenButson @ErinBlaskie
#FordOttawa-3 #FordOttawa-2 #FordOttawa-4
A few iPhone shots of the event for Tweeting purposes
Ahhh, now we get to see the All-New Focus* Electric, and I have to say it is pretty sharp! Ford has been designing the new cars so that they are the same whether they are gasoline powered or electric powered. They are on the same platform and have the same touches that you love in both, one just has a battery instead of a gas tank. As you can see the Ford Focus* is very nice. Gone are the days that I can play around with the engine though. But, we did all have a collective sigh when Steve opened up the hood. I was proud to be with such an awesome group of women who know their way around cars and could appreciate the work and technology behind it. Some of us are after the rumbling sound of the engine, and other appreciate the quiet that comes with fusion and electric vehicles. Some of us love having power behind the wheel while others just want to get to where they need to go. But all of us appreciate the look of the cars as well as the storage for hockey bags, groceries or suitcases.
Ford Ottawa
Of course for those of us that love a good muscle car there is the 2013 Ford Mustang. It has gorgeous new lines and looks just like you would want a Mustang to look, classy, but hot. I personally would take it in a Navy Blue, but I certainly wouldn’t mind going on my next road trip in this one, just saying.
#FordOttawa-20 #FordOttawa-19
We got to see the Explorer and the Edge and the new kick bumper that allows you to open the back hatch with a tap on the bumper if you have your key in your pocket. Awesome for those of us carrying packages after shopping, or camera gear after a shoot.
#FordOttawa-8 #FordOttawa-7

A huge thank you to Ford Canada for inviting me out to the Auto Show and get a sneak peek at all the new and wonderful things you are bringing out for 2013. It was a great Ladies Night and I look forward to doing it again with you. And a special thank you to Samantha Hartley of Thornley Fallis for putting it all together.

*Edited: Apologies, I had to edit this to correct that it was the Ford Focus Electric car, not the Fusion as I had previously accidentally typed.

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  • Samantha Hartley March 23, 2012, 6:29 pm

    Hi Anna, you’re a fantastic photographer and thank you for the personal mention. I’m so happy you and your colleagues had a fun time with us and learned a lot. I have a Mustang with your name on it! (client) Cheers to 25 more years of putting the pedal to the metal 🙂