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a fresh new look

Those would be "No Swimming" flags flying today
It was time for an overhaul at the beach!

I hadn’t been blogging and one of the biggest reasons was that my blog was out of date and I was constantly getting spammed and all sorts of good stuff. So I reached out to the wonderful Kristi Trimmer, whom I met at BlogHer’12 in New York City.

Since meeting Kristi just over two years ago we have had a great long distance relationship. Kristi, originally from Phoenix, Arizona, set out on an adventurous trip over a year ago. She packed her bags and decided to travel the US and parts of Canada, camping and running marathons. You can read all about Kristi’s adventures on her blog.  Kristi even stayed in my home in Ottawa while we ourselves were out of town, that is how good of a friendship we had developed over the year and a half since we met.

We finally got a chance to catch up this summer in Petaluma, California (Kristi actually featured some of my images in her Petaluma post) for a fabulous wine tour and then on to San Jose for BlogHer’14. When I was just about at my whits end on what to do with this wonderful blogging space, there was Kristi ready to help out. Kristi is currently based in Alaska and showing us a side of Alaska that we wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to see.

So what am I doing now that I have this new space, looking so fine? Well, my kids are older and in school so less of their adventures and more of mine. In the last few years I have had some amazing opportunities to travel more of the US and I would like to share those with you as well as a trip that I will be taking over the pond in a little over a week. Not that this space is going to turn into a travel blog per se, but more of my adventures and less of the kids. I still have lots to say and am feeling the itch to blog again.

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