Memory Lane circa 1984

circa 1984

Cleaning up my office for a great start to 2013, I looked up to my inspiration board and saw this posted there. We spent so many summers going to the beach and each year we would do a pyramid. So many cousins are missing here and now with us all married and have kids of our own I am sure we could have several pyramids lining the beach.

This particular one is from 1984, I was not even 14 yet, oh my!! I remember that summer well and although the beach has changed a lot since then, the memories are still with us. Each of us has changed a wee bit but we are still so much the same and I am sure you would recognize us all if I had an updated pyramid to post as well. My youngest sister was just a baby and I remember Dad holding on to her as we built the pyramid. Lots of laughs and always a few tears, but all of it made for some amazing memories.

Thanks for taking a stroll down Memory Lane with me, here’s to many more memories to be made.


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    Oh, I love this photo! We used to always try pyramids when I was a kid, but then we’d laugh too hard and the whole thing would fall down.

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    We had some great times for sure. I don’t actually remembering the pyramids falling but that is probably because we are all perfectionists and wouldn’t let it fall ;)

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