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Race Day

Today was race day for Hubby.  I know I wanted to run the 10k this year, but since it was sold out when I went to get my ticket, I decided to go and photograph an amazing team instead.

Everything worked out in Hubby’s favour this morning. After our scorcher of a week last week, he was getting worried.  Hubby does not fare well in heat.  So when the clouds rolled in and the temperature stayed cool he pushed on.  We met him at the 30km mark with a bottle of water, a towel and lots of noise makers.  We got there really early so that we wouldn’t miss him, since the weather was so good we weren’t sure how fast he would be going.  Two days ago he thought he would be lucky to come in on the 5 hour mark.  When we saw him he was about ten minutes ahead of the 4hour pace bunny.  He finished up at 3:56:51.  An amazing time.  We are so proud of him even if he is dying slowly on the couch right now.

We met a few people in our cheering section.  One lady running needed a cell phone because she didn’t think she could keep going.  Between me and the people she called she carried on.  I am not sure, but I am wondering if she is the lady who collapsed in front of Hubby with only a kilometre to go.  I sure hope not, I hope she got to finish.

I also met a lovely Mom and Dad cheering their son on. This was his first marathon.  They were a great cheering section.  He was running a few minutes behind Hubby.  “Brodie from Boston”, we hope you got in a good time.  Your parents were very proud.  And I hope they found parking and made it to the finish line.

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My Outdoor Office

When the weather cooperates, I hate and I mean HATE to stay in the house.  Although I prefer lounging surfside with a good book and some sand between my toes, I make do with what I have.  Every year I spend countless hours outside with my laptop.  When the kids nap, I take this opportunity to catch up on things and get a bit of work done.

This is one of the three spots that I use.

Today I am sitting here because I have a large quantity of photos to go through from the weekend and since I am just sorting and tagging (as opposed to doing any editing) I prefer to sit under the canopy in the lounging chair with my coffee and water and the sounds of the birds chirping in the trees.  The canopy gives me just the perfect amount of diffused light on my flat screen so I don’t get any reflections and can sit here and enjoy the great outdoors.  If I were doing any editing, I would suck it up and take it inside but for now I can enjoy this gorgeous day.

And as you can see I have extra seating if need be.  Grab your laptop and head outside!  That was the first reason I ever got one.

To see what I have been up to be sure to stop by my photography blog.

ETA: This post was inspired by @ErinBlaskie and her Tweet this morning.

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We are Blessed

I feel like blogging about our family and fun is so wrong at a time like this.  There are so many people in Haiti that would be happy with some clothes and food and here I am trying to think about what to write.  Trying to keep on going like nothing is going on in the world.  That is what I usually do, I keep on going.  I can do my small part by donating money and supporting charities.  But, it doesn’t help the helplessness that I feel.

Far away from our land of ice and snow there are children without parents.  Babies without their Moms and Moms without their babies. If I could bring them into my home, make them some soup and clothe them put them to bed and tell them all will be OK tomorrow, I would.  But, I can’t and it won’t all be OK tomorrow.  It will be a long time before these peoples lives are even remotely normal again.

So here we go on with our daily adventures and I hope in these adventures, I can use some of these fun times to remind J and Apple that we are truly Blessed. We have a warm house, food, clothing and quite frankly, more toys than most children should ever have.  And even more important is that we are safe here in our warm homes.

So as you look at these photos of us at the Canal on Saturday taking the kids for a skate and a Beavertail, know that we truly feel Blessed in all that we have and know that we are trying in our little way to play a part in helping those in Haiti get through this tragedy.

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