Two Weeks on The Beach

We have only been home for two days but it already feels like The Beach was so far away. We had such a fabulous time, doing so much of nothing but a lot of everything.

Not sure if we will be able to top this years vacation, starting out with U2, sprinkling in some fireworks, and ending with a huge thunderstorm that shook the cottage. Nothing like going out with a bang.

Here is a sprinkling of pics from my iPhone that cover the two weeks on the Beach, we didn’t miss a day this year so that makes 14 days of sun, sand and surf.

Until next time…
The Beach

Koko Chocolates

Last night I received the most delicious treat from a girlfriend of mine for Christmas.  My girlfriend lives in the Cayman Islands right now and I only wish we could make it there for a visit, but for now we share emails and phone calls and we get to visit when she comes home to see her Mom.  And while we are complaining of -20C temperatures, she is feeling the heat, sometimes too much to bear, but I still love her.

Now to tell you of this fabulous treat.   The courier handed me the most  beautiful little box.

And inside this little green box are the most delicious handmade chocolates, I have ever tasted.

A little map of their chocolates.

Now, look at this!

And if you think they look beautiful, just imagine how they melt in your mouth.  It was killing me to take these photos, and not gobble them all down in one shot.  However, they are not gobbling kinds of chocolates, they are cup of tea (or coffee) chocolates, where one is all you need to last you a little while.  They are chocolates to savour and enjoy.  They are Koko Chocolates.  A local (to Ottawa) company.  I loved them so much that I called immediately this morning to see where I could get some for my Mom’s stocking.  Unfortunately she is finished her Christmas chocolate batch, but there is a special little coffee shop that I love that carries little 3 packs, so I will be over there to pick up a couple tonight. Mmmm….

And yes, this truly was a little bite of Heaven.

p.s. I have tasted two more since I photographed these chocolates this morning and am still floating on a cloud.

Indeed, I still Believe.

In Santa that is.  No, I don’t believe that a man comes through my non-existent chimney and leaves gifts for the children.  But, I do believe in the Spirit of Santa.  To me, Santa goes hand in hand with the true meaning of Christmas.  The reason for the Season.  The Birthday.

Jesus is the reason we are celebrating this holiday and we make sure that the children know this.  But, yes there is another reason for this holiday.  The Spirit of giving.  Saying thank you to others and doing things for others because we can and want to.  I actually wrote about this two years ago, when my nephew was first told that there was no Santa.  It breaks my heart that other children don’t get the chance to believe.  There is something special about not really knowing but knowing.  Even though I grew up knowing there was no Santa, my older Sister and I always thought my parents were wrong and secretly believed. I remember how special that was to us, wondering if Santa was out there on the rooftops making deliveries.

How could you not believe in this guy, look at that smile.  He and J were having a great chat while I was taking some shots.  Apple really wanted nothing to do with it, but J spoke for her.

 This year, for the first time I decided not to buy the shots from the photo lab at the mall, but just bring my own camera.  I have brought it before, but always bought a package anyway.  Well, not this year.  I would have never got these great shots without the few minutes we had by ourselves.

Thank you Santa, you truly are an inspiration.

Decorating a Tree

Not something I talk about here, at all really, but once a week I help out some friends of my Dad’s.  They are a Brother and Sister who are on the elderly side.  I am sure they didn’t plan on spending their latter years hanging out with each other day after day, let alone sharing a house, but such are things that this is the way it worked out for them.  They were both married and have lost their spouses.  The Sister had two sons and lost them as well. So now, they have each other.

Once a week I go over and do the general cleaning, pass a vacuum, clean the bathrooms, a little laundry.  My Dad and my Sister also take turns and do what is needed to keep them in their house.  Which is amazing, that they still live in their house.

A few weeks ago we got to talking about Christmas decorations and how there were some in the basement and wouldn’t it be lovely to put up the tree this year.

Last week, I grabbed my littlest helper and headed over to decorate their tree.

I’m not going to say she was the most help, but it was nice to have a little girl running around their house.  She certainly brightened up their day.

In the basement I found boxes and boxes of these totally retro decorations.

I only used about 1/8th of the decorations they had, but it did the trick and a tree was born.

Not bad for a busy Mom, a little girl and some antique decorations.