Sometimes words can’t describe how much I love my children.

They are pretty awesome.



A few swings and a great view of the St.Lawrence, my kids were extremely happy.
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Taken on our road trip on Monday.



With all the running around we had last week, playing hooky and enjoying fun with cousins things around here seem pretty quiet today.  Except of course for the cough J has and the ringing in my ears that I may have to see the Doctor about tomorrow.

I just couldn’t go another day without sharing my chocolate adventure with you.  On Saturday night, I was pleased to be one of the Yummy Mummy’s that was able to attend a Chocolate Demonstration at Le Cordon Bleu  on Laurier. I was finally able to meet Loukia and Rebecca in real life and they are both just as sweet as I imagined them to be, it seems like we have known each other forever yet only just met. I was too sick to attend many of the other events that were going on, but there was no way I was going to miss this.  And we did make it to Snowflake Kingdom on Sunday, only running into two other Yummy Mummy’s.

But, Saturday afternoon, it was all about the chocolate.

I would like to introduce you to Chef Christian Faure MOF.  He is an exquisite demonstrator.  He was fun and willing to share his secrets on making chocolates.  I have to admit that I used to make chocolates, but I would make the ganache and then dip them.  This was all about the mold and WOW! If I can send the children out to their Grandma’s for an afternoon  I will make some of these up.  Although I guess if I am prepared properly I could do it during a naptime, but I think that the kids would be wanting all the chocolate. I have always wanted to attend classes at Le Cordon Bleu and after just this one demonstration, I am sure I will be asking for classes as gifts for the next few birthdays and Christmases.

Chef Christian started with this…

Some of the finest chocolate, good just like this if you want, but wait until you add a little of this…

This is a caramel filling.  There was also Pistachio Cream and Ice Wine Ganache. And may I say, they were divine.  Chef Christian also showed us how to make a flower and some bowls with some very simple techniques.  And if I had only known it was this simple, I would have done it a long time ago.

Now excuse me while I go help Hubby fix the treadmill, I am going to be needing it very soon.

A day at the National Gallery of Canada

On Tuesday J, Apple and I joined my Sister and her family for a day at the National Gallery of Canada. I had not been in a long time and J had never been so we thought it was a good idea.

Thought being the operative word.

Having four kids not in strollers was like a disaster waiting to happen. Made worse by hundreds (OK, a dozen or so) very bored Security Guards.  They were ready to pounce when any of the kids got within three feet of a sculpture or wall.

J wants to go back, he said that he loved it and didn’t get to see enough.  My Sister agreed that it is much nicer without the kids. And I for once was happy that it wasn’t my kid walking on a row of bricks that was indeed a sculpture (seriously, I could have made it, in fact I did once in my backyard when we were doing the patio – nobody came to see it).   My Brother-In-Law just shook his head and rolled with it as he usually does, he isn’t an Art Gallery type of guy as it is but did it anyway.

After our escape, yes escape, we headed to the Market for some Beavertails and Buskers.  It was a glorious day  outside so we were happy to enjoy it.

 J and his cousin were cutting a rug on the sidewalk, after tipping the busker, and if you look closely you can see they both have the exact same expression on their faces.  It was a great time, people actually stopped to watch the kids dancing.  I am glad the kids didn’t understand the lyrics the busker was singing because they were a little strange.  He was a great musician but, strange lyrics for the kids to be dancing to.

After finishing my second Beavertail of the year (and it’s only April!! I am two ahead of last year I think) we headed over to Major Hills Park to let the kids burn off a little more energy.

 Here is a good shot of both my family and the Gallery.  J is partially hidden by my BIL, but they were running and running and running, it was great.

I asked them all to look at me and smile for just one picture.  This is what I got.  Two silly faces from the boys and two hairy faces from the girls.  Apple and my Baby Nephew D were locked in their strollers.  Which was good for us Mom’s. We let them loose for a while and then it was time to pack it in and head back to my Mom’s for dinner.  It was a really great day, much like the times we go to Regina to visit them, but here in Ottawa.

I wonder as they are right now arriving home in Regina to a balmy 2C (35F) after it being 15C (59F) here, if they just a teeny tiny bit wished they were back in Ottawa for good.  I just wonder.

Montréal, Québec

Montreal is a beautiful and wonderful city. It is so bittersweet for me to go there as it is so exciting but I miss who is not there anymore.

Each of the last four Fall’s a bunch of my girlfriends go away for a weekend together. I have not been able to go for a whole weekend yet but, this is the second time I was able to join for a Saturday night dinner. It is supposed to be a weekend away without kids but, I cannot leave Apple yet, so I brought the clan and left Apple with Hubby for the night. She did marvelously as did he. He is exausted this evening so he got to experience my day for five and a half hours, four and a half of which Apple slept and three of which J slept. Hmm… I guess I didn’t leave him long enough.

So yes, these wonderful girlfriends of mine. We all know each other from a common thread, our kids. We all struggled to have our children and were brought together through the internet so we formed a playgroup. As our kids keep getting older and are in school it is harder to get together for playgroup or playdates, however us Mom’s try to have a dinner once in a while and then the Fall getaway. It was a wonderful night to dress up, even if I was wearing maternity pants, and see the sights of Montréal. I miss visiting Montréal, something I used to do once or twice a month, if not more.

Both my parents were born and raised in Montréal. Verdun and Ville Émard respectively. They left in 1967 for Ottawa but, my grandparents remained. All through my childhood weekends were spent going back and forth to Montréal. March breaks were spent at Grandma’s house and our clothing was often purchased from the more stylish French stores. Even when my parents moved to Manitoba for a few years and I was left holding the fort in Ottawa, I went every other weekend to visit Grandma. There was always a place for me to stay, we would go out for lunch or just hang out together. Oh how I miss those days.My paternal Grandmother passed away over thirty years ago now but my maternal Grandmother, whom I used to visit, finally had to move to Ottawa and live with Mom and Dad back in ’97. She spent her last five years here in Ottawa, something she vowed never to do. And since she moved here going to Montréal has never been the same for me. It leaves me mising her so much yet remembering all the fun we had. As well as making me wish I had spent even more time with her. This particular visit was probobly the easiest one I have had in ten years. Maybe because I was bringing my own kids to see the sights or maybe because we didn’t have time to drive through the old neighbourhoods and stop at my favourite corner stores for some penny candy.

Hubby and I did not even get to do what we wanted to do. Travelling with an 8 week old was a little more difficult that we remembered. Probobly because we didn’t travel with J until he was much older. We left Ottawa a bit later than we meant to, Apple cried for half of the two hour drive, and when we got there Hubby was so hungry all we had time to do before I had to join my girlfriends was to stop and eat. This morning we had enough time to grab breakfast then coffee and for me to snap a few photos before we had to start home. A was here with his buddy and we had to get them to hockey later this afternoon. And yes, Apple cried half the way home. J was so good in the car and still is that we are a little taken aback with Apple crying. It has really only been the last couple of weeks, so I need to figure out what happened and how to get back to great travelling as I will not give up going out.

So I have posted a few photos from the weekend but not nearly as many as I had wanted to. But, it was truly a great field trip and hopefully we can go again in the Spring or Summer and see more of our favourite sights.