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Ah yes, the last week of School for J. Add to that a wonderful heat wave that robbed me of power last evening, I did not get my Workout Wednesday post up. And today was one of those bittersweet days for J, happy to be finished school and starting Grade 1 in the Fall, but sad to say good-bye to his teacher and a few friends that are moving away.

This Wednesday also saw the end of the Fit-in 15 Challenge set out by Andrea. We never really only added 15 minutes, it always seemed to end up being 30 minutes of dancing, biking, swimming, walking and once the stairs. And since I did 15 minutes on the stairs myself after the kids went to bed it was only 15 minutes, my legs were hurting the next day for sure.

Add to the fit in 15 my twice daily walks to School and back and three 3k walks, I think I had a pretty fit week. The only thing is that I didn’t do any strength training workouts this week. The wedding wiped me out for a couple of days and I just didn’t get it back. I am feeling better and slimmer though and almost ready for the Beach.

This week I wanted to share with you the Superman. It is a core strength exercise and if you alternate between the front and back Superman you will find that your whole body pretty much hurts.

J did the honours of taking photos for me this week, but please excuse the swimming hair and lack of exercise clothes. I had already been swimming and did not feel like changing yet again for photos.

Oh yes, and ignore Spongebob in the background, we were taking a break from outside.

Front Superman.

Lie flat on your belly, extend arms and legs, lift as high as you can off the ground, hold for three seconds release or flip to the back. Do 12 -15 reps.

Back Superman.

Flip over from your front to your back and hold for three seconds. Repeat. Or start by lying on your back legs and arms extended, lift off the floor and hold for three seconds. Do 12 – 15 reps.

If you have never tried this one, I guarantee that you will feel the burn the next day.

**disclaimer: I am in no way a Doctor or Physical Trainer. I am going to share with you my thoughts and ideas about how to get into shape again. I strongly advise consulting a medical professional prior to starting any workout routine as well as a professional trainer. I am in no way responsible for any injury you may sustain from trying any of my suggestions.

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Saturday Fit-in 15

Before heading out for the wedding this morning, I made sure to get my extra 15 in by walking to Farm Boy with the family. Apple rode in style (her stroller, but this is good for her as she runs around for the rest of the day) and J rode his bike, Hubby and I jogged/walked along side of him. It is 1km each way to Farm Boy, so we had double the Fit-in 15 pleasure.

Then I spent 10 hours on my feet photographing a wedding.

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Fun Friday!

Today if fun for me for a few reasons. First, and most importantly, J rode his bike to school. This is a huge accomplishment. J has never been very fond of bicycles much to Hubby and I’s dismay. He has two trikes, and three two wheelers that were handed down from his Brother, A, just waiting to be riden. So far Apple has ridden his trike more than he has/had.

Up until yesterday, his training wheels still made his bike wobble all the way down the street. I asked my girlfriend if I could try her son’s old trainers, perhaps they are stronger than the ones we had. I put them on yesterday morning and J hopped on his bike after school. As he was riding down the street without any help from me he was cheering himself on yelling, “Yippee, Yahoo!”. Then, he declared he could ride to his buddy’s house no problem. I was a happy Mom.

When J asked to ride his bike to school this morning, I was skeptical. I had visions of tears, and me walking the bike and frustrations. But, he promised to make it all the way to school. And when we were almost there I said, “J, I thought for sure you would be crying by now.” His response was, “me too.”

*edited to add: I tried to upload a video, but it messes up my whole page.  If anyone can share tips with me on uploading videos, I would much appreciate it. 

My second reason for a fun Friday is that I have my second wedding shoot tomorrow so I am gearing up and very, very excited. Last time I was a little nervous, the bride had never had photos of her turn out but, knowing how much she loved them and loved having me there, has given me that extra bit of encouragement that I needed for tomorrow. I have had this wedding booked since last August so I am been going over it in my mind again and again. I just hope it turns out as well as I have wanted it to.

While getting my gear ready, I have been wishing that I had purchased a ShootSac by Jessica Claire. I have been coveting the ShootSac for a while now, but just can’t seem to be able to justify the price tag, yet. For now I use my trusty rolling suitcase. In the suitcase are two camera bags (You must have a backup when shooting a wedding), my reflector kit, my flash kit, extra batteries, extra memory cards, chargers, just in case, shooting notes and contact numbers. I may bring along another shoulder bag and pretend it’s a real ShootSac, fill it with my lenses and flash and what not that I need to carry around and leave the bigger bag in the truck. I will decide sometime tomorrow morning, I am sure.

And my last reason Friday is fun for me this week is that for my Fit-in 15 we put on the Wii and bowled a few frames. Again, we lasted longer than 15 minutes, but we had fun and got some exercise, not something I usually do on a Friday afternoon.

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