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Family Day

photo by CL Buchanan Photography

In case you are stopping by from the Women in Business Conference on Monday, I thought I would put up a little note before I hit the road to Toronto.

Welcome to my personal blog. I haven’t spent as much time here lately as I like but as things get a little more organized here at home, I am finding the time to post here and there.

I am a photographer located out of Ottawa, you can visit my website and blog to see some of my recent work. My photography has taken on a life of its own so I seem to be spending more and more time there.  My son, J, is 7 1/2 and in grade 2 and my daughter, Apple, is 3 1/2 and still home with me, thus taking my life as a SAHM to  WAHM.  Hubby is a motorcyle driving, guitar playing, loving guy and the quiet behind all the chaos.

The nickname BeachMama comes from High School. Since my father was fifteen his family has been vacationing at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware and each summer as kids we would spend the last week of Summer vacation at Rehoboth, thus I would return to school tanned, wearing Jam shorts and wishing I was still at the beach.  My closest friends nicknamed me BeachMama, and when I started my own blog it was easy just to use that as my handle. You can also find me on Twitter as @Beach_Mama (I had to use the dash because somebody else stole my name 😉 ).  We, as a family, continue to visit Rehoboth each year and somewhere deep down I wish we could live there permanently, retirement is always an option.

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After struggling for way too long to lose the last ten pounds after Apple was born, I am happy to announce…

They are gone.

They have been gone for a few days now but I really didn’t want to believe it until today.  Today I am wearing pants I haven’t worn in five years and I unearthed a box of my favorite summer clothes.  In it I was able to dig out five skirts, four pairs of pants and three shorts.  All of which haven’t seen a summers day in five years, minimum.

As overjoyed as I am I am not stopping here.  I still have another box of cute summer dresses that require at least five more pounds, if not seven to be gone from this body and I am determined to bring them on our summer holidays this year so I will keep on doing what I am doing in the hopes that I will get to unearth those other favorites. It hasn’t been easy for sure, but I am confident that I can keep on going. I will let you know when I get there.

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Except for this morning, not realizing that J was supposed to return to school today and not tomorrow. Poor kid, we woke him up when the bell was ringing and made him get up and go to school, there were many tears and a lot of drama, but I reminded him that we took off a few days to travel for Thanksgiving and will be doing it again before the end of the year… little does he know he will miss the entire last week of school because it overlaps with our beach vacation!!

Although we have spent the last few days relaxing after a busy time leading up to Christmas and Hubby’s birthday we also spent some time organizing for the new year.  I couldn’t take the mess and clutter and the fact that my second office (not the one in my family room with the comfy chair, but the one in the loft with office chairs and filing cabinets) was a disaster.  I had no room to package orders any more and my December files were scattered amongst wrapping materials and {gasp!} junk. I spent a good two hours decluttering and organizing my house last week.  It doesn’t mean that it is done, but at least I can see where I am working and go from there.

I also almost past out with glee on New Years Day when Hubby decided to do a little project I had been asking for since we bought this house.  I have a little half wall in my family room/kitchen area that acts as my downstairs office.  I have asked for him to build shelves in it since we bought the house and on New Years Day he did it, he cut it out and built it and is on his second coat of mud.  I am so excited because my mini-office will finally be in order and I won’t have piles and piles of stuff surrounding my computer and work area.

Here is a sneak peek of the work in progress.  I can’t wait for it to be finished.  The mess on the top is only part of what is usually up there.  All I need is to find a few containers that will fit the area nicely and I will be all set. I love organized spaces and I finally feel like I am back in the game.

Shelves2 shelves

One last area that needs to get back in the game is my meal planning.  I was really doing well last year and then we fell apart.  Meal planning makes everything so much easier.  I don’t have to think about what to make on that day because it is already decided for me.  And when I shop then I only seem to get what I need instead of thirty things I didn’t need.  I didn’t make a proper list this morning, but this is what I was thinking for this week.

Monday: Dominoes Pizza – Because J had to go to school we asked what he wanted for supper and that was his request.

Tuesday: Beef Stroganoff – an easy peasy fave around here made with ground beef instead of cubed beef.

Wednesday: Spaghetti Bolognese – another fave and so easy to make.

Thursday: Chicken!!  I love chicken but Hubby doesn’t so I make it with a yummy white wine sauce spiced with Cajun Seasoning for some kick.

Friday: Roast Beef.  I have been doing a roast every couple of weeks to the enjoyment of everyone, so Friday it is.

Saturday and Sunday: We fend for ourselves, which means that Hubby has to help in making something at least once or we finish left overs, nothing can ever be planned for the weekend because everyone seems to eat at different times.

Now to organize all my 2010 files to get ready for tax time!

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