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Bullets to Tie you Over

So much going on and I have only had one hand free for what feels like two days.

Here is a brief bulleted list of how much fun we have been having. Photos will follow in a day or two:

  • Room number two is ready in the basement and after a summer of construction and a month of drywall dust we moved into it on Sunday. It is supposed to be the workout room, but will temporarily be the family room. Can I say how much I love having a finished room in the basement for J to play? He loves it too!
  • My ornament from the Ornament Exchange over at An Island Life arrived and it is oh so gorgeous. I say it but I should say they. I took a photo of them on the table but they really should be shown off on the tree, which will be here in minutes and decorated tomorrow night, so stay tuned.
  • Cookies are feverishly being baked.
  • Knitting needles are being worked at every odd moment.
  • And the sewing machine is still in use.
  • Wrapping needs to start as J is starting to open odd closets and asking questions about bags.
  • Big Sis and her kidlets arrive on Saturday and Opa arrives on Tuesday. The holidays are upon us!
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