At the Beach

At the Beach-1

My favorite photo of last summer.

10 March, 2012 (10:00) | Uncategorized | By: beachmama

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  1. Krista (@kristahouse) Says:

    I love that they are holding hands. Great shot, Anna!

  2. Pam Says:

    Blows me away how cute they are. (Sorry, had to be said.) Love the feel of it.

  3. snackmommy Says:

    So….there was a slight breeze off the ocean that day?

  4. snackmommy Says:

    OK….I meant to add a few more “o”‘s in my “so”. Now my comedic timing is completely off. It’s always sad when you have to explain your jokes.

    On antoher note….I can’t believe how much Apple’s hair lightened last summer….amazing!

  5. beachmama Says:

    Thank you Ladies!! Snackmommy, a gust of wind came up, Apple was nervous and they just started laughing it was so cute.

  6. snackmommy Says:

    I just love that shot. I still can’t get over her hair colour!!

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