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Race Day

30 May, 2010 (14:55) | Exercise, Misc. | By: beachmama

Today was race day for Hubby.  I know I wanted to run the 10k this year, but since it was sold out when I went to get my ticket, I decided to go and photograph an amazing team instead.

Everything worked out in Hubby’s favour this morning. After our scorcher of a week last week, he was getting worried.  Hubby does not fare well in heat.  So when the clouds rolled in and the temperature stayed cool he pushed on.  We met him at the 30km mark with a bottle of water, a towel and lots of noise makers.  We got there really early so that we wouldn’t miss him, since the weather was so good we weren’t sure how fast he would be going.  Two days ago he thought he would be lucky to come in on the 5 hour mark.  When we saw him he was about ten minutes ahead of the 4hour pace bunny.  He finished up at 3:56:51.  An amazing time.  We are so proud of him even if he is dying slowly on the couch right now.

We met a few people in our cheering section.  One lady running needed a cell phone because she didn’t think she could keep going.  Between me and the people she called she carried on.  I am not sure, but I am wondering if she is the lady who collapsed in front of Hubby with only a kilometre to go.  I sure hope not, I hope she got to finish.

I also met a lovely Mom and Dad cheering their son on. This was his first marathon.  They were a great cheering section.  He was running a few minutes behind Hubby.  “Brodie from Boston”, we hope you got in a good time.  Your parents were very proud.  And I hope they found parking and made it to the finish line.

Workout Wednesday – Back in Action

29 July, 2009 (20:31) | Exercise, Workout Wednesday | By: beachmama

After a couple of blasé weeks on the workout front, I am happy to say I have started up again.  Not full-tilt I will admit, but a slower start to help me keep going.

In addition to three walks of 2km, I was able to fit in two 3km runs.  I also did a whack of gardening I had forgotten I had signed up for at school.  Which was a workout alone with all the very tall weeds (my plot was the worst) I had to pull and then, haul all the way home in the wagon while hanging on to Apple.  I also took the kids for a walk with the dog twice around the block (which is almost a km) , which is also a big deal since Apple apparently is the opposite of her Brother and LOVES to walk.

Not quite back to where I was, but I hope to include at least two strength training workouts next week and get my abs going again.

 **disclaimer: I am in no way a Doctor or Physical Trainer. I am going to share with you my thoughts and ideas about how to get into shape again. I strongly advise consulting a medical professional prior to starting any workout routine as well as a professional trainer. I am in no way responsible for any injury you may sustain from trying any of my suggestions.

Workout Wednesday – Uh, Thursday?

25 June, 2009 (20:17) | Exercise, Workout Wednesday | By: beachmama

Ah yes, the last week of School for J. Add to that a wonderful heat wave that robbed me of power last evening, I did not get my Workout Wednesday post up. And today was one of those bittersweet days for J, happy to be finished school and starting Grade 1 in the Fall, but sad to say good-bye to his teacher and a few friends that are moving away.

This Wednesday also saw the end of the Fit-in 15 Challenge set out by Andrea. We never really only added 15 minutes, it always seemed to end up being 30 minutes of dancing, biking, swimming, walking and once the stairs. And since I did 15 minutes on the stairs myself after the kids went to bed it was only 15 minutes, my legs were hurting the next day for sure.

Add to the fit in 15 my twice daily walks to School and back and three 3k walks, I think I had a pretty fit week. The only thing is that I didn’t do any strength training workouts this week. The wedding wiped me out for a couple of days and I just didn’t get it back. I am feeling better and slimmer though and almost ready for the Beach.

This week I wanted to share with you the Superman. It is a core strength exercise and if you alternate between the front and back Superman you will find that your whole body pretty much hurts.

J did the honours of taking photos for me this week, but please excuse the swimming hair and lack of exercise clothes. I had already been swimming and did not feel like changing yet again for photos.

Oh yes, and ignore Spongebob in the background, we were taking a break from outside.

Front Superman.

Lie flat on your belly, extend arms and legs, lift as high as you can off the ground, hold for three seconds release or flip to the back. Do 12 -15 reps.

Back Superman.

Flip over from your front to your back and hold for three seconds. Repeat. Or start by lying on your back legs and arms extended, lift off the floor and hold for three seconds. Do 12 – 15 reps.

If you have never tried this one, I guarantee that you will feel the burn the next day.

**disclaimer: I am in no way a Doctor or Physical Trainer. I am going to share with you my thoughts and ideas about how to get into shape again. I strongly advise consulting a medical professional prior to starting any workout routine as well as a professional trainer. I am in no way responsible for any injury you may sustain from trying any of my suggestions.

Saturday Fit-in 15

20 June, 2009 (13:39) | Exercise | By: beachmama

Before heading out for the wedding this morning, I made sure to get my extra 15 in by walking to Farm Boy with the family. Apple rode in style (her stroller, but this is good for her as she runs around for the rest of the day) and J rode his bike, Hubby and I jogged/walked along side of him. It is 1km each way to Farm Boy, so we had double the Fit-in 15 pleasure.

Then I spent 10 hours on my feet photographing a wedding.

Fun Friday!

19 June, 2009 (13:56) | Exercise, Fun Stuff to do with Kids, Photography, Uncategorized | By: beachmama

Today if fun for me for a few reasons. First, and most importantly, J rode his bike to school. This is a huge accomplishment. J has never been very fond of bicycles much to Hubby and I’s dismay. He has two trikes, and three two wheelers that were handed down from his Brother, A, just waiting to be riden. So far Apple has ridden his trike more than he has/had.

Up until yesterday, his training wheels still made his bike wobble all the way down the street. I asked my girlfriend if I could try her son’s old trainers, perhaps they are stronger than the ones we had. I put them on yesterday morning and J hopped on his bike after school. As he was riding down the street without any help from me he was cheering himself on yelling, “Yippee, Yahoo!”. Then, he declared he could ride to his buddy’s house no problem. I was a happy Mom.

When J asked to ride his bike to school this morning, I was skeptical. I had visions of tears, and me walking the bike and frustrations. But, he promised to make it all the way to school. And when we were almost there I said, “J, I thought for sure you would be crying by now.” His response was, “me too.”

*edited to add: I tried to upload a video, but it messes up my whole page.  If anyone can share tips with me on uploading videos, I would much appreciate it. 

My second reason for a fun Friday is that I have my second wedding shoot tomorrow so I am gearing up and very, very excited. Last time I was a little nervous, the bride had never had photos of her turn out but, knowing how much she loved them and loved having me there, has given me that extra bit of encouragement that I needed for tomorrow. I have had this wedding booked since last August so I am been going over it in my mind again and again. I just hope it turns out as well as I have wanted it to.

While getting my gear ready, I have been wishing that I had purchased a ShootSac by Jessica Claire. I have been coveting the ShootSac for a while now, but just can’t seem to be able to justify the price tag, yet. For now I use my trusty rolling suitcase. In the suitcase are two camera bags (You must have a backup when shooting a wedding), my reflector kit, my flash kit, extra batteries, extra memory cards, chargers, just in case, shooting notes and contact numbers. I may bring along another shoulder bag and pretend it’s a real ShootSac, fill it with my lenses and flash and what not that I need to carry around and leave the bigger bag in the truck. I will decide sometime tomorrow morning, I am sure.

And my last reason Friday is fun for me this week is that for my Fit-in 15 we put on the Wii and bowled a few frames. Again, we lasted longer than 15 minutes, but we had fun and got some exercise, not something I usually do on a Friday afternoon.

Fit-in 15

18 June, 2009 (20:50) | Exercise | By: beachmama

I was trying to think of something fun to do for my 15 minutes today, it was going to be outside, but then the cold front moved in and the rain started.  Apple was napping and J and I were snuggled under a blanket watching a movie.  What to do to get us moving?

Our movie ended and Apple woke up, so I pulled one of my old Dance Mix Cd’s off the shelf, 1994 actually, and popped it into the cd player.  Well, J was breakdancing and Apple was jumping and I was dancing like it was 1994.  We had a blast, so much fun after 15 minutes we swapped our 1994 for 1995 and went for another 15 minutes.

It was great, nothing like a little dancing to get the blood pumping.

Workout Wednesday – Fit-in 15 Challenge

17 June, 2009 (20:04) | Exercise, Workout Wednesday | By: beachmama

This week has been a mostly cardio week for me.  Not only have I been running, but I have been running around a lot it seems. Even if most of it has been in my backyard.  I got in three 3k walks and two 3k runs and only one strength training.  When the weather is this good it is really hard to stay inside to workout.  I think I will try to do some outside routines in this next week.

I was going to share with you the ‘Superman’, but I will save it for next week.

Andrea over at The Fishbowl has brought forward a challenge, complete with prizes.  And I am not one to back down from a challenge that is for sure.  The challenge is to add 15 minutes of focused activity into your day. Since I am already trying to fit in some extra activity into my day, I thought I would take this challenge to add something different that I normally wouldn’t do or wouldn’t consider activity.

Today, I did 15 minutes of focused activity running the circumference of my pool (while in the water).  This is my first Fit-in 15 activity.  We do this occasionally for fun, we run in a circle in the pool, which is 15′, to get a whirlpool effect going.  So , today I got in there and ran and ran and then I changed direction and did it again.  Changing direction is quite difficult because you get the water going pretty fast, then you have to run against the current until the current changes with you.

So, what are you going to do to add 15 minutes of focused activity to your day?

**disclaimer: I am in no way a Doctor or Physical Trainer. I am going to share with you my thoughts and ideas about how to get into shape again. I strongly advise consulting a medical professional prior to starting any workout routine as well as a professional trainer. I am in no way responsible for any injury you may sustain from trying any of my suggestions.

Workout Wednesday – Sprints

27 May, 2009 (20:25) | Exercise, Workout Wednesday | By: beachmama

Is it really Wednesday?  If it is then I did very badly this week.  I started off well with a 3k run, but everything else fell to pot with the wedding in Montréal.

First of all, my left hip is killing me.  I am not sure if it is from running on uneven sidewalks or from carrying Apple on my hip for almost 21 months.  Second of all, nobody told me shooting a wedding was going to be a full day workout.

Friday I was hoping to get in some strength training, but by the time I got everyone packed and the house ready for A and his buddies it was time to leave. We did walk around for an hour and a half Friday night.  Then on Saturday, I walked uphill to the Chapel (10 minutes, not bad) but then things started happening.  I had to move furniture that was dirty to make room for the Bride and her gorgeous dress.  I had to do closed knee squats all day because I was also a guest so I was wearing a dress instead of my usual slacks. And well, my camera weighs a ton.  By the time we got in the truck to come home I felt like I had been working out all day long.

Sunday was my day of recovery and rest. It was needed and I felt like I had been hit by a truck, so there was no way I was working out.  Monday all I got in was the walk to and from school, until J decide he needed a racing partner.  That is when I got the idea of sprints.  If I didn’t have the energy to run, power walk or workout, I would get it in while playing outside with the kids.  J started yelling, “ready, set, go!” and we were off.

Our backyard spans two and a half houses, so I am guessing it is at least 100ft wide, it is probably more, but Hubby isn’t here to ask right now.  We sprinted back and forth for a good half hour. It was great.

Now, I did let J win quite a few times.  I also let him tie as well as lose.  There was no way I was going to let him win every single time, if I did that he would be shocked when he got beat by a friend at school.  Either that or he was going to start telling people he ran faster than me.

Tuesday rolled around and J wanted to race again.  So I thought we should add some extra exercises to the mix.  We ran backwards. And we did side shuffles in addition to straight running back and forth.  The races lasted about 45 minutes.

This was my week.  Not the best, but not entirely shot as the sprints really got our hearts pumping and made me break a sweat.

Next time you are outside with the kids wishing you were working out instead, try it.  Kids love foot races and you can easily get in a short workout.

**disclaimer: I am in no way a Doctor or Physical Trainer. I am going to share with you my thoughts and ideas about how to get into shape again. I strongly advise consulting a medical professional prior to starting any workout routine as well as a professional trainer. I am in no way responsible for any injury you may sustain from trying any of my suggestions.

Workout Wednesday – Rest

20 May, 2009 (21:12) | Exercise, Workout Wednesday | By: beachmama

I had a pretty good week this past week.

I really wanted to pump it up so I alternated days.  One day I either ran 3k or I power walked 3k (I actually only walked once), then the next day I would do some strength training.  So all in all I got in three cardio and three strength days, this is on top of my regular walks to and from school.  Which are ending in a few weeks for the summer, so I will definitely need to keep up the workouts.

Other than my muscles being very sore, I really felt good.  Especially since my girlfriend and I polished off that Monkey Bread.

Which brings me to todays exercise.  Rest.  I am sharing rest with you for two reasons this week, one is that today I had to rest my muscles and two J was busy at a friends house so my photographer was absent.

If you are working out every day it is extremely important for you to take one day of rest for your muscles.  When you work out your muscles actually breakdown, losing protein.  As much as it is important to replace that protein after working out, with a protein shake, some peanut butter or a whole protein enriched meal, it is also important for you to rest your muscles so they can repair in their own time. Not resting them can also increase your risk of injury which would derail your workouts all together. Resting your muscles actually helps build muscle mass. If you do not rest, then your muscles will actually get smaller instead of larger.

All athletes take a rest day so you should too. Of course, if you want to go for a light walk on your day of rest, that is fine just be sure to not push yourself too far on that day.

Now to keep it up the alternating for another week.

Workout Wednesday – A day late

30 April, 2009 (14:04) | Exercise, Workout Wednesday | By: beachmama

Sorry for being a day late on Workout Wednesday, but my head was pounding yesterday and I couldn’t think straight to get it all together last night.

Without further ado (I love this saying, not sure why, but I love it) I bring you my week in workouts.  I managed two 3k walks, a 5k run (pushing the stroller with the dog, gotta give me extra points for that) and two strength training workouts.   Overall not a bad week, but I did hurt my wrist last week so that is why I had more walks and a run than strength.

This week I thought it would be fun to share with you some of my favorite band exercises. J once again did the photography for me, he is such an amateur and I love it.  I almost decided not to use these photos for two reasons.  Ok, really one.  I look like crap.  Excuse the language, but when I uploaded my photos I thought, ‘BeachMama what are you doing, your abs look like mush and your arms look terrible, don’t show the world this’.  But, then I realized that I am trying to keep it real here.  I am definitely not looking my best.  I didn’t choose the right top to wear, so it shows off all my weak spots, but it is what it is and sorry if my flabby abs offend, but you can’t say that I am not working on it.

Here we go.  Four exercises with bands and for fun we took it outside.  (Excuse the grass we need to seed.)

The fly.

Arms together in front, release them to the side keeping arms straight, hold, back straight, abs tucked in, release them back to the front.  Do 12 -15 reps.

Arm extensions.  Start with elbows bent, arms at shoulder level, again back straight and abs tight, push your arms straight out hold and bring them back.  12 – 15 reps.


Standing row.  Standing on your band, legs shoulder width apart, back straight but leaning forward, abs tight.  Lift your arms straight up along your side, bending elbows but keeping your back straight, hold release. Repeat 12 – 15 times.


Sitting row.  Wrap your band around a pole, door handle or chair leg.  Sit with back straight leaning forward just a bit, pull arms into your body straightening up, hold then release.  Repeat 12 – 15 times.


These are great to do while the kids are playing outside and sometimes, if you are lucky, they will get in on it too.

Now if you excuse me, I have a hundred sit ups to do.

Next week: Abs.

**disclaimer: I am in no way a Doctor or Physical Trainer. I am going to share with you my thoughts and ideas about how to get into shape again. I strongly advise consulting a medical professional prior to starting any workout routine as well as a professional trainer. I am in no way responsible for any injury you may sustain from trying any of my suggestions.