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25 Days of Christmas

Andrea set out another challenge.  The 25 Days of Christmas.

We have been very busy here Chez BeachMama, but hopefully we can count down to Christmas and find a few new traditions to add to the mix.

Using one of Secret Agent Josephine’s December calenders (You can purchase 2010 calenders at her Etsy Shop for only $1.00) and sketched out the month of December.  Putting in some fun things and things that we must get done.  But, all of them are Christmas related and hopefully will make celebrating Christmas in our house, last for a whole month.

1. Give the Kids their December 1st box. (Inside: Christmas PJ’s, movies, music, books and an advent calendar).

2.Watch a Christmas Movie before bed. (Made for TV)

3.Write a letter to Santa and Mail it.

4. Pick up the Christmas Tree.

5. Decorate the Tree and House.

6. Buy a Gift for Toy Mountain at school.

7. Make Christmas Cards for Cousins.

8. Bake Christmas Cookies for Cousins.

9. Decorate Gingerbread House.

10. Make Paper Snowflakes and Popcorn Garland for the Kids Trees.

11. Ship Parcel to Regina for Christmas.

12. Visit Santa at the Mall.

13. Go Tobogganing. Weather and Snow Permitting.

14. Take an After Dinner Stroll through the Neighbourhood to see the Lights.

15. Watch a Christmas movie before Bed. (made for TV).

16. Sing Carols at the Piano with Hot Chocolate and Egg Nog.

17. Make Special Treat Bags for Friends at Classmates.

18. Bring Food to the Food Basket at School in support of a Local Family in Need.

19. Wrap Christmas Presents with Christmas Music. (Kids presents for others).

20. Bake Santa’s Cookies.

21. Enjoy a Special Chocolate Treat for the Solstice.

22. Read the Christmas Story from the Bible before Bedtime.

23. Celebrate Daddy’s (Hubby’s) Birthday!

24. Put our Cookies and Milk for Santa.  Hang out as a Family.

25. Celebrate Christmas with Family and Loved Ones.

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  • Chantal November 26, 2009, 10:42 am

    I am really looking forward to doing this type of thing next year. This year the advent calendars will have to do (although they are playmobil ones and the kids will love them) :)

  • Lady in a Smalltown November 28, 2009, 11:22 am

    I look forward to being able to do this with my little one(s) in the future. At six months, I don’t think Tumblebug would appreciate the effort.

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